Welcome to Big Dream Irish Wolfhounds. We are located in central Pennsylvania. Our Hounds are Family ....

Meet  Lord Murphy Wolfe CKC and AKC reg. and Tala Jean O'Lochiel  AKC  and CKC  reg. and Nessa Sloane AKC. CKC. Reg.  Keeva AKC and Cheveyo AKCwe will be breeding one to two litter's a year . They will go to approved homes only.. If you feel that you would like a Irish Wolfhound  please research the breed . They are  loyal  dogs , but... they do require a few things. 1 room to run, 2. lots of love, and understanding , being that they are a giant breed they chew giant things like Shoe's . boots. doors and some will make your lawn look like a forest that needsa tree in every hole they dug.  As you know all dogs are not the same, some chew some do not,, 3. they eat lots.  4. They are a great family friend. 5 You should have a fenced yard they are sight hounds, so once they see it they are gone..this is a safety feature.

 Meet Lord Murphy Wolfe. A.K.C. and C.K.C.Reg.

Murphy is sired by. Lord Lucien Wolfe  of  Scottishridge by J glen's Connor O'Dean out of  J-Glen's Shinning Shamrock. Murphy's dam is Lady Fiona of Scottishridge by Clansey O' Toolout of Millie Mally Mcgilligan.

 Murphy is Retired.....


   Pedigree upon request..

Cheveyo The Dream
Walker. the new Stud Dog for the new Dream Team. Cheveyo is sired by Billy Ray De Sinpelo and his dam is Norhunter Joanna De Sinpelo.

Meet Tala Jean Olochiel A.K.C.  n C.K.C.Reg.

Tala is sired by Olochiel Spartacus who is by Keegan M. Keeze by Dugan McCoy out of Pippi Longstocking...His Dam is Sunstag Jet Set Doll by CH Sunstag Jazz in Chicago out of Maggie OLochiel...Joda's Katie O'Su. Tala's Dam is Majestic Isabeau O'Lochiel who is sired by Danlea's O'Riley O'Sullivan, by CH Johoa's Dublin Irish of schade out of Joda's Katie O'Sullivan Irish ...her Dam is Hartford Hounds Willow of Moorsong by Macbeth's King Duncan out of Katie II 

Tala is Retired...

Nessa Sloane the Dreamer. Nessa is a Three Pines bred girl, she produces Kind , big , and prey driven puppies.

   Nessa is Retired......

Aoifes Red Dream O'Lochiel .. Keeva. Enterd the  Dream Team this Fall. she is a O'Lochiel KY bred girl. Sweet n kind.

 Big Dream Irish Wolfhounds is proudly owned by Ann ( Blu) Butler.Should you be interested in one of our puppy's feel free to contact me at 814-591-1088 or bluneon@gmail.com Thank You.